You love hiking, cycling, plane spotting or do you rather prefer to visit one of the beautiful cities in the near vicinity (Brussels, Leuven, Mechelen). You want to experience some of Belgium’s culinary delights, a great beer, we’ll be honored to guide you through all possibilities available to you.


For the cyclist there are plenty of options to ride many miles and enjoy a variety of different landscapes. Depending on how fit you (think) are, you can choose between a flat short trail or a number of fairly difficult climbs. The manager can guide you on some fantastic MTB trail in the neighborhood. Plenty of choice for the fanatic cyclist in a country which prides itself having generated the greatest cyclist ever ‘Mr. Eddy Merckx’.

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Delicious Belgian cuisine or you want to taste some of that famous Belgium beer? Restaurant Rooden Scilt is right around the corner and offers fine dining in a charming surrounding. You prefer a quick snack and a good pint of beer, plenty of choice between eateries and pubs; The Cosy, Cafe Central and ’t Onzent are all in walking distance.
You prefer to prepare your own breakfast, pizza, etc , no problem thanks to fully equipped kitchen and the bakery and grocery store just around the corner.


With Brussels international airport around the corner you will be able to commute in no-time from-and to the airport but don’t be surprised if you sometimes see/hear some of the air traffic.
If you’re an adapt of Icarus or a fanatic plane spotter, Erps-Kwerps will be heaven on earth. Nothing as impressive as the sound of Airframe noise when you’re hiking through one of the many pastures near the airport. You want to spot the plane which will take you on one of your next travels, go check it out next to the Zaventem landing strip.


Hikers have a choice between no less than 8 hiking trails. There are also some great woods and parks in the near vicinity, perfect for some good hiking, a stroll or –why not- some jogging.

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Some excellent options for wellness, fitness and sauna. The managers will be happy to guide you through the options.